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Friday, June 4, 2010

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Readability tests
  • Drivel Defence, is a software package that will help you to check the use of plain English! Please note: Drivel Defence uses JavaScript to run, so you will need to have this enabled in your browser. Click on the link in the page above to check your settings.
  • How to Put the the Flesch in and Take the Fog Out of Your Writing.
  • Fog Index and Readability Formulas.
  • Calculate readability with this free online software tool.
  • The Wasteline Test assesses whether your writing is ‘flabby’ or ‘fit’.  The test works by counting percentages of words in five categories commonly associated with stodgy sentences: weak verbs, abstract nouns, prepositions, adjectives/adverbs and 'waste words' (it, this, that, there).
  • Bullfighter is software that works with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to help you find and eliminate jargon in your documents. It may look like a little toolbar with three buttons, but it's actually much more. Bullfighter includes a jargon database and an exclusive Bull Composite Index calculator that will allow you to see -- in an actual window, on your PC display, live -- just how bad a document can be. 
Family History
  • PublishMe has free member booklets on planning, writing, editing/proofing, designing, printing and selling your books.
  • From Manuscript to Book - a how to guide - Brian Wood

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